Rising together through
better civics education

Flourishing communities start with strong civics. And strong civics start in our families. That’s why we’re empowering parents across the nation to level up their communities through better civics education.


Up your civics awareness through lessons


Level Up Civics helps parents, grandparents and students grow together through the joyful journey of civics education. We know strong communities are built with common bonds of purpose and meaning. Level Up Civics builds those bonds with easy-to-use resources that unite people of all backgrounds around the inspiring struggles and triumphs of our shared history.


Explore civics & history in your own backyard


Civics is about much more than knowing the names of politicians or how a bill becomes a law. We envision a country where robust civics education empowers our children to become the next generation of leaders in our communities, no matter their race, income or cultural background. We believe amazing things can happen when Americans apply our shared values in everyday life.


Be inspired through others’ civics journeys


Civics should be fun, engaging and inspiring while bringing families closer together. But finding great civics resources – and the time to use them – can sometimes be a challenge. Level Up Civics makes it easy to learn the most important lessons from America’s history with tools from dinnertime discussion guides to in-person trainings and events. Our “Learn. Do. Tell.” model makes it easy to:

1. Level up your family’s education and awareness of American civics.
2. Level up your knowledge and involvement in your local schools.
3. Encourage other families in your network to start their own shared civics journey.

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